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KSI Promoter Mams Taylor Confirms The KSI vs Swarmz PPV Sales

KSI’s Promoter Mams Taylor Today Confirmed A Report Indicating The KSI vs Swarmz PPV Sales After False Reports

KSI’s promoter and head of “Misfits Boxing” Mams Taylor quote tweeted a “.” to Boxing journalist Gareth A Davies’ report that the August 27 Misfits X DAZN show at The O2 Arena featuring two KSI fights, including KSI vs Swarmz, sold 445,000 Pay-per-view (PPV) units.

The crossover event was available on PPV in the UK, Ireland, Canada and the United States. The PPV buys came from those four countries, with the event being live on regular DAZN in the rest of the world. You can reasonably assume that most of the buys came from the US and the UK and a more significant chunk of those from the UK.

This follows contradicting reports from “The Mirror” announcing the fight sold 230,000 pay-per-view buys. DAZN’s Joe Markowski previously claimed that 90% of buys came from new subscribers which is a big success if the 445,000 number is accurate as almost 400,000 new subscriptions were bought to DAZN from this event because you had to be a subscriber to purchase the event.

DAZN now have the job to try and retain this new wave of subscribers and they will make the first of these efforts with Hasim Rahman Jr vs Vitor Belfort on October 15 with a rumoured Misfits X DAZN card to follow on November 19 in the United States. Both of these events will be on the DAZN subscription and NOT DAZN PPV.

DAZN has only done one PPV boxing event in the US and this was DAZN’s PPV debut in the UK. The Canelo Bivol fight in May has been their sole PPV offering in the US so far which promoter Eddie Hearn stated did over 600,000 buys. At an estimate based on these PPV buys, DAZN would’ve likely added over 200,000 subscribers in the UK with the success of KSI vs Swarmz.

By Darshan Desai

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