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YouTube Boxing Is Alive And Punching – iDUBBBZ vs Doctor Mike

YouTube Boxing has continued to ruffle the feathers of \’die hard\’ boxing fans in recent years, and to their anger, mostly all of the shows that have taken place so far have been huge hits.

Most recently we have seen the likes of An Eson Gib, Alex Wassabi, Deji and Jake Paul have their time in the boxing ring with Paul seemingly taking it a little more serious.

This time we see a full, high profile boxing event taking place, headlined and put together by IDUBBBZ himself named \’Creator Clash\’ looks like it will be taking place in Tampa FL, on May 14th.

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On the Creator Clash card, the fights that have been announced are IDUBBBZ vs Doctor Mike as the main event plus Graham Stephan vs Michael Reeves.

A number of content creators have also been named but opponents are still to be confirmed including JustaMinx, Epic Meal Time, Anisa and Ryan from SuperMega.

There had been rumours in recent days that the eldest son of the boxing legend Manny Pacquiao may have been featuring on the card against YouTuber Alex Wassabi however, this doesn\’t seem to have materialized… yet.

Emmanuel \’Jimuel\’ Pacquiao Jr recently competed in his first boxing bout at the \’House of Boxing Training Center\’ in California where he picked up a win against Andres Rosales.

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With YouTube, Twitch and TikTok stars continuing to bring in the huge viewing figures and hype from the younger demographics online, we ask ourselves again \”is this here to stay?\”. The answer is we really can\’t say, but it has proven to be entertaining at times.

You can get tickets to the stream or Creator Clash event here but tickets are not on sale until April 8th.

Written by NSBDale

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