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Eddie Hearn Believes Open Scoring Could Have A Future In Boxing

Eddie Hearn In Favour Of Open Scoring For World Championship Fights Moving Forward

When asked at a meet and greet event about one change he would implement in boxing if given the opportunity, British promoter Eddie Hearn advocated his support for open scoring, which is a system of scoring where the fighters and the public are informed of the judge\’s scorecards in specific rounds.

Hearn explained that he had seen it used by the WBC in certain jurisdictions where they read out the judge\’s scorecard \”after the fourth and eighth round\” in a championship fight.

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\”It\’s quite interesting because it changes the dynamic of a fight. How often does a cornerman or corner team have it SO wrong?\” Hearn believes that fighters knowing they\’re ahead/behind and by how much would change the approach from both boxers and the fight would be more interesting from all angles.

Hearn concluded with the predicament that he \”Quite liked the idea of open scoring\” because \”you know the scores of a round\” and \”open scoring could have a future in boxing\”.

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Open scoring would be particularly interesting in tight championship fights where there could be many close rounds creating uncertainty over scores. It could also relieve pressure from the broadcast team which is often criticised for bias.

Furthermore, this would be another step forward in terms of clarity for the sport, as well as a new element that would surely interest at least some fight fans.

By Darshan Desai

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