Sami Hamed Misfits Debut

Sami Hamed Misfits Debut – Why Prince Naseem’s Son Chose Crossover Boxing

Following the recent announcement of Sami Hamed Misfits Debut and signing, the son of legend Prince Naseem Hamed has spoken out on why exactly he chose the crossover boxing route, over the traditional professional route his brother has gone down.

Sami Hamed Misfits Debut - Why Prince Naseem's Son Chose Crossover Boxing
Sami Hamed Misfits Debut set for August 31st

Sami Hamed is scheduled to fight Jesse Clarke, who has yesterday taken to social media to sound off on how embarrassing it is Hamed has not yet had a bout aged 25.

Sami’s brother, Aadam, notably had his pro-debut on the Usyk vs Dubois undercard in Poland, against a clearly inexperienced fighter in 1-2 Vojtech Hrdy.

Sami Hamed Misfits Debut - Why Prince Naseem's Son Chose Crossover Boxing
Aadam Hamed won a dominant performance against Vojtech Hrdy.

The Sami Hamed Misfits debut lands on a bill topped by KSI, who returns for his first bout since losing to Tommy Fury in October 2023. The YouTuber-turned-boxer is set to face two opponents in one night, in a tag-team match, with the opponents being Anthony Taylor and Slim Albaher, who hold records of 5-6-2 and 7-0 respectively in the crossover space.

Sami Hamed Misfits Debut - Why Prince Naseem's Son Chose Crossover Boxing
Misfits 17 marks the return of KSI.

Sami Hamed Misfits Decision

In an interview, Sami Hamed opened up on why he’d chosen to go down the crossover boxing route, as opposed to the professional route his father had taken, and that his brother has recently begun embarking on.

Hamed said, ‘I had a professional contract, but I didn’t want to get tied down for too long. The truth is, I feel like, especially with Misfits, I like the big entrances, I like how they put on the big shows, it suits me a little bit more than the professional route’.

Sami makes his debut on August 31st in the 3Arena in Dublin. Elsewhere on the card is Danny Aarons takes on TikTokker Beavo, DeenTheGreat takes on Dave Fogarty and DTG takes on Minikon, amongst a few other bouts.

Misfits 16 was also announced recently for August 10th in Miami, with Faze Temper headlining against Josh Brueckner.

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