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Tyson Fury Comments on Usyk Loss Have Fans Scratching Their Heads

In a recent interview with ‘The Gypsy King’ posted by Furocity, Fury’s energy drink, Tyson Fury comments on his recent fight against Oleksandr Usyk, with his bizarre words leaving fans and critics alike confused.

Tyson Fury Comments on Usyk Loss Have Fans Scratching Their Heads

Tyson Fury fought Oleksandr Usyk in May for the Undisputed Heavyweight crown, the first since Lennox Lewis over 25 years ago. The fight was a fairly competitive one, though most agree the right man won when Usyk had his hand raised at the end, with some suggesting Fury was lucky the ref didn’t stop the fight after ‘the middleweight rabbit’ Usyk’s onslaught in round 9.

In his post-fight interview, Tyson Fury commented that he won the fight, and that the only reason Usyk won was because of the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine. Frank Warren attempted to justify these comments in an interview on TalkSport, suggesting it was simply Fury’s bipolar speaking, though to date Fury has not apologised.

In fact, Fury has now come out with even more bizarre comments regarding the fight and his opponent.

Tyson Fury Comments

In the interview, Tyson Fury commented the following:

Not only does Fury believe he won, saying ‘Usyk knows he didn’t beat me’, but says his only problem in the fight was he ‘had too much fun’, and in actuality that the fight was ‘A lot easier than [he’d] thought it’d be’.

He said, ‘It was like I was in there with a local amateur boxer. I was enjoying it too much, messing around and paid the ultimate price in round 9’.

Speaking on their rematch, scheduled for December this year, Fury said, ‘I’ve got to get him out of there because I’m not gonna get a decision. It’s unfortunate because it’s hard enough to win a fight just by winning it, never mind knowing you’ve gotta knock someone out.’

Tyson Fury Comments on Usyk Loss Have Fans Scratching Their Heads

Though the fight was close for many, fans of the sport are perplexed at why Tyson Fury commented that the fight was easy, especially since he did not win the fight.

Fury also spoke on the recent video of himself in a drunken state, saying, ‘You’re a grown man and have a drunken night out and all of a sudden [people think] you’re gonna jump in front of a train. Obviously from my past history people are concerned, but I’ve just been chilling out and spending time with my family.’

It remains to be seen whether ‘The Gypsy King’ will get redemption or not in December.

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