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The news came out a short while ago that Eddie Hearn had made Andy Ruiz a seven-figure offer to face Dillian Whyte, the exact offer is unclear but what we do know now is… the fight is not happening next. On Friday Andy Ruiz took to Instagram and posted a picture of Dillian Whyte on the canvas following his knockout loss to Anthony Joshua in 2015. Ruiz captioned the picture:

 ‘You didn’t want any smoke so I moved on to the next opponent. Big announcement coming soon’

Ruiz’s post has sparked a war of words as Dillian Whyte responded to the post earlier today calling Ruiz a ‘fake Mexican’ and continuing to refer to him as ‘a blob rolling away from a big payday you’re all stomach & no heart’.

But it didn’t stop there Whyte then posted a video to his Instagram this evening saying:

‘Listen guys, this a quick one listen, Andy Ruiz Jr been talking s*** saying I don’t want no smoke and I run away from the smoke, listen how can I don’t want smoke and I’m the one that made the offer to fight him, I’m the one that made the offer to fight him, he didn’t make no offer to fight me so who’s the coward? I told Eddie to make the offer to fight him, Eddie made the offer to fight him and he turned it down. He’s the f***ing coward, fat c*** just talking s***. Listen people need to wake up and realise that I aint scared of no one. Anyone want it can get it anytime, anywhere, I’m the can man. I’m more Mexican than Andy Ruiz is, he’s a coward, he’s all gut and no heart…p***y’

Ruiz certainly has Whyte’s attention and may have unknowingly opened Pandora’s box. Dillian Whyte is a black belt in trash talking and getting under his opponents’ skin as he has shown time and time again consistently trashing Deontay Wilder on social media and in interviews. And let’s not forget his infamous sit down with his once bitter rival Derek Chisora on Sky Sports ‘The gloves are off’ which led to the pair brawling in the studio. ‘WHO’S THE DONKEY NOW’.

Will the back and forth lead to Ruiz and Whyte fighting this year?

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