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Eddie Hearn FIRES BACK At Chris Eubank Jr’s Criticism Of Conor Benn “You were happy to fight him”

Conor Benn’s Promoter Challenges Chris Eubank Jr’s Comments About Failed Tests

Conor Benn failed two drug tests in 2022, the first of which he was notified of on July 25, just two weeks prior to the announcement of his domestic super fight with Chris Eubank Jr.

Benn and Matchroom were both aware of the failed test but proceeded with the Eubank Jr negotiations and announcement without notifying either Eubank or his promoter Wasserman, citing confidentiality issues.

Just 6 weeks later, Benn was informed of a second failed test on Sep 1, in the middle of his training camp for the fight with Eubank Jr. This time both Eubank and Wasserman were aware as the adverse finding fell under the voluntary testing both signed up for ahead of their Oct 8 fight.

Despite this, team Eubank made the decision to carry through with the fight and as VADA is merely a testing agency and not a sanctioning body, they were allowed to proceed. The BBBofC did cancel the fight in the end on October 4, nearly 5 weeks after first hearing about the failed test – a move which has been heavily criticised.

Eubank Jr has since revealed to Sky Sports that he won’t forgive Benn. “There’s no forgetting, absolutely not,” Eubank said. “Forgiveness, no, I don’t need to have that in my mind.”

Hearn responded to these comments in his interview with Seconds Out on Wednesday.

“He’s not willing (to forgive him) but he was happy to fight him. And also he’s happy to fight him for several million now, and we’ll make that fight.” Hearn fires back at Eubank’s almost hypocrisy for criticising Benn’s failed tests whilst he was still willing to get in the ring with him and is still prepared to make that fight again.

“Conor Benn would’ve beat him the first time, and he’ll beat him this time.” Hearn strongly believes Eubank will suffer the same fate against Benn as he did with Liam Smith.

“Whilst it may not be quite the same size, it’s not far off. By the time it comes around with the bad blood, it’s a monster fight. He (Eubank) can talk about this and that, he wants to get paid. That’s a massive fight, that’s a massive payday.”

Hearn previously predicted 1m PPV buys on DAZN when the fight was originally announced, labelling it as the biggest fight he’d ever promoted.

“160 no problem. People keep talking about ‘it’s dangerous for Chris Eubank Jr’, Conor Benn’s coming up from 147, he’s tiny compared to Chris Eubank.” Benn has now revealed that he is willing to fight Eubank with no catchweight, Eubank has also said he would not give Benn any weight clauses when they meet.

By Darshan Desai


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