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EXCLUSIVE: manlikeisaac On His Content Creation Process, Explains Why He’s Confident That Andrew Tate Would ANNIHILATE KSI And Jake Paul

manlikeisaac Exclusively Speaks To NoSmokeBoxing About His Thoughts On Influencer Boxing And HIs Own Success

Manlikeisaac has amassed millions of followers as a content creator, churning out viral comedy clips through his YouTube shorts and TikToks. Isaac sat down with NoSmokeBoxing outside a stylish, yet disarmingly relaxing cafe in London to chew the fat after the KSI Swarmz fight week.

manlikeisaac X NoSmokeBoxing

Now, he talks exclusively to us once more to offer a unique insight into how he goes about making his videos and his thoughts on the influencer boxing scene.

Isaac reveals he doesn’t dwell on how to go viral before brainstorming ideas for his material, instead allowing the process to come naturally, and let his jokes take formation after initial inspiration has struck.

manlikeisaac ‘I love the ideas so much that sometimes I even think of the punchline before I set up the joke itself.’

He knows it’s a restless existence in the online entertainment world, which means he has to stay consistent and committed. He says he’s ‘managed to do that on a daily basis for the past four years and that’s a major part of my success.’


Isaac isn’t concerned with anyone looking for a quick buck or a quick come-up as an influencer. Saying if a newcomer doesn’t understand the time it takes to master the craft, ‘it’s simply because it’s not their world.’

Our conversation inevitably shifts to the pugilistic zeitgeist in social media right now; crossover boxing.

No one is more notorious and central to that movement right now than Andrew Tate. Isaac has seen the recent footage from the Middle East of Tate boxing without a headguard, and he is impressed.

‘I think he’s actually a pretty good boxer. Definitely comes from a fighting background even though it’s kickboxing but he knows what he’s doing and he has the physique.’

He is also emphatic in his prediction of how Tate would fare against KSI and Jake Paul, dismissing the notion he would need to play catch-up with them. (KSI and Paul are unbeaten across 5 and 7 bouts respectively.)

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‘Tate would beat them both. I think he’s a four-time world kickboxing champion for a reason and he’d annihilate both of them.’

Lastly, he teases a potential future in the music industry, something he first toyed with as a late teenager. He thinks it would have been an alternate route to fame, but ‘not for the right reasons’. Candidly revealing he didn’t have enough talent at the time, conceding ‘if I released at that point, I wouldn’t have been taken seriously.’

Music, comedy or maybe even boxing himself, Manlikeisaac’s future looks even brighter than his present. From sitting on 4,000 subscribers for years, he’s made it to the top through graft and dedication. Those two virtues will stay with him whatever he does next.

By Harry Duffy



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