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Q&A Corner With Jordan Warne

Jordan Warne isn’t hanging around at 29 years of age, he is aiming to emulate local home hero, Steve Spartacus and win titles at the domestic level. Making no bones about it he plans to be as active as he possibly can be.

We spoke with Jordan Warne to ask him a few questions on a personal level so his fans can get to know him better. Read the questions below as Jordan attempts to move to 2-0 in his professional boxing career.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background where are you from? How old were you when you started boxing and why did you start? Was anybody of inspiration to you?

A: I’m from Felixstowe, Suffolk and I started young but had my first fight at 16. It’s a cliche to say it but it kept me out of trouble. Inspiration would have probably been my mum or Ricky Hatton.

Q: You have a good amateur experience and you’re currently 1-0 as a professional with you due to make your 2nd outing next month at York Hall, can we see an active Jordan Warne over the next 12-18 months and will your career be campaigned at light heavyweight?

A: I didn’t have as much experience as I would have liked as an amateur but I fought some good lads who are doing well now. I had a long layoff from my last amateur fight until my pro debut the pandemic didn’t help this but my team thought going into pros and racking up experience was the best option for me. I’m looking to be as active as possible to make up for the lost time I’m 29 and want to have a good crack at it. I’m going to be a super middleweight however I’m currently in the light heavy rankings for some reason.

Jordan Warne Q&A Corner

Q: Do you have any pre or post-fight rituals? Anything you’re superstitious about?

A: I think going to the bagel shop at brick lane will always be a certain post-fight tradition and maybe Nandos before but nothing too heavy! I try not to be superstitious but I might salute a couple of magpies if it brings me extra luck.

Q: Who is your boxing idol and why?

A: I’ve got a few Ricky Hatton was my favourite growing up like he probably was many other lads my age, I loved his body shots also Micky Ward too for the same reason and another one growing up would have been a local boxer to me, Steve Spartacus, with a tough come forward style!

Q: Where do you see your career in five years’ time and what do you want to achieve from boxing?

A: I’m 29 so want to go as far as I possibly can if I could win an English title or British title I’d be made up, I’m just going to take it to fight by fight and hopefully the plan falls into place! A fight at Portman Road the home of Ipswich Town FC would be the dream.

Jordan Warne has boxed the likes of Lerrone Richards in the amateurs and is now being trained by Rob Hodgins who also trains heavyweight Fabio Wardley. The ambition is strong and as he plans to take it to fight by the fight he will be campaigning in the super middleweight division where there is a good pool of talent domestically with old foe Richards ranked at the top.

Be sure to watch Jordans’ progress in the immediate future and to see if he can achieve the English and Lonsdale belts that he desires.

By Dan Kelly

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