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Q&A Corner With Sam O’Maison Ahead Of His Return To The Ring

Sam O’Maison ‘The Sensation’ is back in the ring this evening, the first time since having 2 rough nights against Kay Prospere in 2019. We caught up with Sam to find out more about him ahead of his fight in Sheffield.

Q: Tell us a bit about your background, where are you from? How old were you when you started boxing and why did you start? Was anybody of inspiration to you?

A: I’m from Sheffield, I was 14 years old and due to me setting my school on fire I was expelled permanently and I had home learning, I just had too much energy. My mom was advised to do something that would control my energy level. Then I met boxing!

Q: Your record sits at 16-3-1 and you’re making a return to the ring since last boxing in 2019. Previously winning national honours will your boxing at the same weight and will you be looking to emulate your previous success?

Sam O’Maison Q&A Corner

A: I will be boxing at welterweight or light welterweight. Achieving British or commonwealth honours will be my target.

Q: Do you have any pre or post-fight rituals? Anything you’re superstitious about?

A: The only ritual I have is not to buy chocolate or sweets for the house!

Q: Who is your boxing idol and why?

A:  I don’t have a boxing idol so the only inspiration I ever had was my mom. Repeatedly kicked to the curb but she refused to give up and kept going!

Q: Where do you see your career in five years’ time and what do you want to achieve from boxing?

A: In 5 years’ time I hope I’m not punch drunk and still have my health with plenty more money in the bank. I’d be happy with that!

Sam O’Maison Q&A Corner

Not having an idol within boxing but having the belief coupled with never say die attitude and support from his mom, Sam O’Maison wants to be achieving British and Commonwealth honours.

With the experience of 16 wins from 20 fights, the Yorkshireman is looking to get the ring rust off when he boxes this Friday at Bramhall Lane the home of Sheffield United on a Stefy Bull card.

Stringing wins together will be important after nearly a three-year layoff before he will be able to compete with the domestic champions at his weight, whether it’s light welter or welterweight. But be sure to look out for O’Maison and how he fares over the coming months as he looks to build his profile back up!

By Dan Kelly

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