Shannon O’Connell BLASTS Ebanie Bridges, Believes The Blonde Bomber Is An Advocate Of ‘Get Your Clothes Off And You Can Get What You Want In Life’

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Shannon O’Connell On Bridges: SHE TALKS TOO MUCH, I DON’T LIKE HER

Shannon O’Connell says she will make Ebanie Bridges quit when the bitter Aussie rivals clash for the IBF Bantamweight World Title at the First Direct Arena in Leeds this Saturday, December 10, shown live worldwide on DAZN

The pair have been embroiled in a fierce war of words since their World Title showdown was officially confirmed in September, but 39-year-old O’Connell from Slacks Creek in Queensland has accused ‘The Blonde Bomber’ of “taking things beyond boxing by getting personal.”

Ebanie Bridges vs Shannon O’Connell: Matchroom Win Purse Bids To All-Australian World Title Fight

Bridges (8-1, 3 KOs) and O’Connell (23-6-1, 11 KOs) go head-to-head in the biggest fight in the history of Australian women’s boxing on the undercard of the Josh Warrington vs Luis Alberto Lopez, and there is no love lost between them after ‘Shotgun’ O’Connell criticised Bridges for wearing lingerie at weigh-ins. 

“The rivalry probably came from me not liking the way Ebanie conducts herself,” said O’Connell. “I’ve got a 15-year-old daughter and if I was doing the things Ebanie is doing it would be basically telling my 15-year-old daughter, ‘get your clothes off and you can basically get what you want in life’. That’s not what I’m about. Guy or girl it doesn’t matter who you are and what you’ve done – work hard for what you want.

“If you want something hard enough and you work hard enough to get it, you’ll get there. I don’t want people to think that I just got gifted something. I really have busted my ass for twenty years in this sport and I’ve done everything the hard way. I know boxing more than I know my own life. I’ve been in there 80 times. I’ve done this so many times that it’s more normal to me than living everyday life.   

“I’m not about the bright lights and the fame of it. I feel like I am the better fighter and I’ve done the work. If that means I get called the World Champion, then I deserve that. She knows what she’s doing getting on those scales’ half naked in her lingerie. She knows what she’s doing buying Eddie Hearn those sunglasses. She knows everything she’s doing. So for her to be acting dumb saying, ‘I’m just doing what everyone else is doing’. No she’s not – she knows what she’s about.

“I don’t know where this jealousy thing comes from. I don’t want the ‘fakeness’ of social media – I’m not about that. She’s said a lot of bad stuff about me. She said I’m mentally weak. She talks too much. I think she forgets what she says. She contradicts herself every time she opens her mouth. I don’t like her.

“It’ll be extremely special to win this World Title. The path that I’ve created has all lead to this one moment. I’ve always said from the start, if I could tell my story and it changed one person’s life then it was all worth it. Well this is what will make it really worth it to them as well as me. It will show them that anything is possible.”

By Darshan Desai – Follow For Bridges vs O’Connell LIVE Updates

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