Jarrell Miller’s problems are mounting following his failed drug test, as promoters are now beginning to turn their backs on the Brooklyn Heavyweight. Bob Arum recently said that Miller doesn’t have a future with Top Rank and will not ever fight on one of their future cards. 

It’s a huge blow for Miller who, even if he doesn’t receive a lifetime ban for his infractions, is running out of people in the industry who are willing to give him a chance. After his failed tests in 2019, before facing Joshua, Miller ruined his chances with Eddie Hearn who is arguably the biggest promoter in boxing at the moment. 

At the time Hearn was looking into signing Miller but felt he couldn’t do so after the tests, as it might look like he was justifying Miller’s behavior. In the end, Hearn left Miller to Top Rank. Hearn said, “He was desperate to sign with us. I just couldn’t do it… this guy failed three drug tests… I could not do it. As much as there are some great fights out there for him, the Joshua fight, the Dillian Whyte fight, it didn’t sit right to basically encourage this. And that’s what they’ve done [Top Rank] by giving him a new contract, a big contract, coming off the back of failed tests for three substances.”

Bob Arum took a huge risk on Miller bt signing him in 2019 and now he’s ruined his chances with them as well. Arum said recently, “after he’d tested positive before the fight with Anthony Joshua, he told me it was his people that did it, he would be very careful, he would have a special nutritionist…the same thing happened and he tested dirty… Jarrell Miller will never fight on a Top Rank card.” 

At this point even if Miller escapes a long-term ban, he can’t fight on a Top Rank card, even as an opponent. Matchroom has said they aren’t interested in him either and it’s doubtful any of the other top promotions will feel any differently. 

Other problems he’s facing now

Aside from the lost fight purses and lack of future prospects, Jarrell Miller has racked up a substantial amount of debt as a result of his failed tests. Speaking to iFL TV recently Hearn outlined the situation, “he had a signing on bonus from Top Rank and J.Prince I believe which he’s probably going to have to pay. He owes ME money, we were getting paid for this fight, from the money he owes us from the Joshua fight. The upfront payment that we gave him, which he has to return because he failed a drugs test.”

So now Miller not only owes Hearn money form 2019 but he also now owes Top Rank and J.Prince what is likely a similar amount. These advanced payments are to cover the costs of a full fight camp which includes hiring trainers, sparring partners, facilities, accommodation, food, etc. At the highest level, this amounts to a huge amount of money and Miller now has two separate debts to pay off, while simultaneously burning bridges with two of the best companies who could help him make that money back. 

To give you an example of how much Miller could owe we will quote Steve Bunce, who gave a breakdown of how much a full camp costs to BBC Sport, “Let’s say a 10-week camp in a house that’s $5,000 a week. Maybe they do a deal for $12,000 for the month, so that’s $36,000 for the entire camp before you start. Then you have half a dozen sparring partners. You have to pay them, feed them, and put them up. I wouldn’t have thought the taxman sees less than a couple of hundred thousand dollars put through for a big camp like that.” So at the conservative end of things, Miller might owe Top Rank (J.Prince) and Matchroom $200,000 each

Also, from what we’ve heard, J.Prince is not a man you want to owe money to. The CEO of Rap-a-lot records has a reputation for being able to instantly settle beef within the rap world, simply off the back of his street reputation. He’s apparently a very well-connected guy who people know not to cross the wrong way. 

The other big issue is that Miller is almost certainly looking at a ban this time, something he avoided last year because of a technicality. before his 2019 fight with Joshua, Miller was in the process of applying for his athletic license when he failed the tests. As a result of him being unlicensed at the time of failure, the NYSAC, (New York State Athletic Commission) was not able to enforce a ban.

This time, however, Miller has failed his test whilst under license. In this case, the NYSAC is able to hand him a ban they feel reflects the severity of his infraction. Given that this is the second time they’ve been aware of him failing a test, they will likely take into account his previous results when ruling on the length of the ban. Any ban they hand him will also be valid across all U.S states, which means Miller is effectively unable to box as a professional anywhere in America.

It’s a growing list of issues for Big Baby and doesn’t give us much hope that his career will recover this time. Of all the opponents Jarrell Miller has faced in his career, it seems the most damaging one to date has been himself. We’re not sure which promoter, if any, will take a chance on him next but until the NYSAC figures out his punishment, no one will be making a move on him.

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