Terence Crawford Must Make Some Compromises In His Demands If Errol Spence Fight Is Going To Happen Per Stephen Espinoza

Stephen Espinoza Responds To Terence Crawford’s ‘Absolutely Baffling’ Transparency Issue In Errol Spence Fight

Showtime Sports President Cannot Fathom Transparency Issue In Terence Crawford vs Errol Spence Fight Breakdown

Stephen Espinoza, the president of Showtime Sports, responded to Terence Crawford\’s claims late last year that his fight with Errol Spence fell apart because of transparency issues.


Crawford “If I’m gonna bet on myself, and I’m going to go against all the odds, then I want a little transparency. I want to be able to write off on things that are gonna affect my cheque”

In his interview with Fight Hub TV, the network executive described Crawford\’s issues with transparency as \’absolutely baffling\’. Espinoza believed that the contract presented to Crawford included transparency in \’black and white\’.

Espinoza defined transparency as Crawford being privileged to the revenue, expenses and deductions of the event. Crawford, however, wanted to be able to approve individual costs incurred in the event which Espinoza was seemingly bemused by.


Espinoza \”I have a problem with that. What\’s gonna happen when I tell you \’this is what the TV production costs\’ and you say \’no I think it\’d be cheaper\’, so now I can\’t produce it?\”

\”We\’ve been doing this for quite a while, I know what it costs, there\’s an industry standard. We\’re not going into a promotion and have the risk of someone saying to us two weeks out \’I don\’t like that contract (for an expense) I\’m not signing.\”

Espinoza also argued that Crawford\’s fight preparation could prevent him from signing off on key expenses in a timely manner which could disrupt the promotion of the fight.

Espinoza stated that Crawford\’s demands of Showtime/PBC were \’not a realistic way to do business.\’

By Darshan Desai

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